Often a fast growing company can find themselves in a position where they are expected to produce a huge amount of documentation. This will normally be requested by clients in the form of Health & Safety Policies, RAMS, Contractors & Sub-Contractor questionnaires.

The amount of paperwork required to control your workplace will depend on the size of your company.  If you have more than 4 employees you are legally required to have a written Health & Safety policy. Other examples include extra duty of care to young persons (under 18's), disabled and pregnant members of staff or even non-English speaking workers.  The set up of such policies and procedures can take H&S mangers months maybe years.

Let us assist in getting you set up in the right direction. We will come to your place of work and conduct an audit of what is already in place. From here we can advise on legal requirements and recommendations to improve your systems and processes. We will advise on how to improve this to create and develop your company's H&S database. This can include Quality, HR, H&S and Environment. We can supply specific policies and  procedures to cover and protect you as an employer but also install a foundation for the company to build on. 

Think you are done there?  Unfortunately not.


Moving forward you, as a company, need to train staff and pay for PPE.  A record of this is required and also helps with costing and budgets. SMS can supply training databases and registers. To accompany this the training database also comes with future planning, costings and is split into departments (if required).  We also have a huge Tool Box Talk list available to purchase.

Occupational Health is another area to consider regarding hazards that employees are exposed to such as noise, dust and manual handling. An extra you could consider is a occupational register and along with this you will receive all health screening questionnaires that can be completed annually by all staff.

All documents produced will come with a bespoke document register.

Moving on to the actual work, all tasks require Risk Assessments, Method statements for:







Work At Height


Confined spaces

Lifting & Slinging

Site Specific

And Many Many More

We have a number of generic RAMS templates that can be modified to your company and task specific.

SMS can also provide construction health & safety plan templates for anyone taking on the role of Principle Contractor on new projects.

Another point to consider is Environmental.  SMS can provide templates, policies and procedures to suit your types of work.

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